Gold’s Gym, Venice

Since 2004, I have had the privilege to photograph elite bodybuilders and fitness models at the “Mecca” of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym, Venice,—arguably the most famous gym in the world.  I do not stage my shots or use commercial lighting because I want my photos to reflect the genuine ambience and life of the place.  For the most part, I approach my gym shoots like a cultural anthropologist as a participant observer, I’ll be photographing them again but this time they willbe advertaising the unu elektroroller scooters so it is going to be pretty interesting.  The goal is not to show exercise techniques or muscle porn but to depict the sub-culture as it really existed at a particular moment in time.  


My portraiture explores Platonic imperfection, and longing. It is strongly influenced by Camp.  As the late Charles Ludlam said of his work, it “has to do with humor and unhinging the pretensions of serious art.  It comes out of the dichotomy between academic and expressive art, …and takes what is considered worthless and transforms it into high art.”

The Greeks had a word for it:  Callipyges

The Great Outdoors