Bodybuilding Biomechanics with Doug Brignole

About Doug Brignole

The 5 Basic Rules of Bodybuilding Biomechanics

Rule 1
Rule 2
Rule 3
Rule 4
Rule 5


Joshua Self

Joshua Self, Abdominals

“The Cormier Crunch”

Matthew Cardwell, Chris Cormier, Max Vastesson

Josh Bowmar

Josh Bowmar, Pelvis to Sternum Ab Training


Bradly Castleberry

Barbell Curls

Josh Bergeron

Lying Biceps Curls
Supinated Dumbbell Curls

Jake Radtke

1-alternating db curls
2-machine curl
3-concentration curl
5-reverse pulldowns
6-triceps extension
7-machine press

Keith Williams and Mike Gritti

Machine preacher curls, seated alternate incline dumbbell curl


Stan McQuay and Brandon Gerdes

Introduction to “Push-Pull” Training
Lat Pulldown


Stan McQuay and Brandon Gerdes

Incline Dumbbell Press
Cybex Fly Press
Cable Flies


Eli Blahut and Jeremy Patterson

Eli Blahut and Jeremy Patterson: Leg Press

Josh Wade and Jeremy Patterson

Josh Wade and Jeremy Patterson: Squats

Brad Rowe

Brad Rowe: Squats

Monty Rogers

2-Leg Press
5-Leg Curls




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  1. In regards to the squat assessment of Brad

    I agree with Doug’s general assessment of this and recommendations in regards to only going so deep as you can maintain a neutral lumbar spine. The main reason for this though is not so much to do with activation and has more to do with risk of injury to the lumbar spine.

    Anyhow all that aside Doug just needs to be careful when giving explanations such as these in general terms. He is being specific to this example but at the same time sending a confusing message by saying he doesn’t advocate that people use a full squat range of motion. He then clarifies by saying to go down as far as you can whilst maintaining a neutral spine. It’s more a language issue than anything. I understood what he meant but some people might watch this and think “Doug said I shouldn’t go all the way down, so I’ll just do 3/4 squats from now on”.

    Also Brad is wearing sneakers which are pretty much the worst thing you could do squats in. I would suggest that it is entirely possible that his squat would improve greatly (and he would be able to safely use a full range of motion) if he were to:

    – do some stretching and mobility work for his calves/ankles
    – raise his heels up with plates, a plank of wood or in the best case scenario a pair of weight lifting shoes
    – try turning his feet and knees out a little more so that he could potentially open up a bit more at the hips, leaving room for his torso to descend with less forward lean

  2. I absolutely love Doug’s in-depth commentary of these oft seen exercise styles and interpretations of well known movements. What I would love to see is Doug himself taking us through the correct movements for each bodypart using the actual weights that he uses in his workout and having a running commentary (dubbed in, post video, by Doug)….now THAT would be something to watch and learn from.

  3. Hello there. Now, when are you going to post some shoulder videos down here? It would be really great to see some videos on the biomechanics of shoulders. I bet it might be quite hard to ask someones permission to get mr. Brignole to criticize on it and post it here , but whatever the case is at least post videos a little bit more frequently. Thank you for the great previous videos.

    • Have experienced shoulder issues in the past, I (and others) would greatly appreciate Doug’s analysis of shoulder exercises. These videos are very much appreciated for their detailed explanation and “do’s and don’ts” observations.


  4. Jeff Miller

    My name is Jeff. I am 54years old . My father bought me weights when I was nine years old and I’ve been lifting my whole life . At my body is beat and worn down but I still continue to lift because it’s a part of who I am .Bill ,you’re right on. I feel like my only choice to continue lifting this to adapt your principles . When you hear the truth you can’t deny it . Bill waiting for your book and I would like cash if possible specific exercises and routines for somebody my age . My goals are simple optimum health and optimum physique . Peace

  5. Jeff Miller

    Sorry I need to make a correction on my statement I am referring to Doug and bodybuilding biomechanics thank you

  6. Dear Sirs
    We’re all waiting for the Shoulder videos. The rest have been brilliant. Will it happen?

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